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Comp Cams Vacuum Canister

Comp Cams Vacuum Canister

A vacuum reserve canister captures vacuum from your engine and stores it for your power brakes. This unit approximately doubles the volume of vacuum available for your power brakes. It is recommended for cars with 14 inches of vacuum or less. Comp Cams Vacuum Canisters are made from spun aluminum, which eliminates the hazard of flaking rust particles contaminating the brake system and provides a 50% weight savings over the heavy steel cans of the past.

  • Canisters double vacuum volume for power brakes
  • Recommended for vehicles with 14" of vacuum or less
  • Pump only operates when vacuum drops below 18"

  • 2 Products
    COMP Cams 5200 - Comp Cams Vacuum Canister
    Vacuum Canister
  • Black Powder Coated
  • $68.22
    COMP Cams 5201 - Comp Cams Vacuum Canister
    Vacuum Canister
  • Zinc Plated Aluminum
  • $66.12

    2 Products