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Crane Cams FireWire Spark Plug Wires

Crane Cams
Crane Cams FireWire Spark Plug Wires

The most important function of a spark plug wire is to transfer the maximum amount of energy to the plugs, and ultra low resistance, 25 OHM, FireWire does this in spades. What's more, its reactive core construction effectively filters out RFI and EMI "noise" generated by today's high-output ignition systems. This protects on-board computers, instruments and helps preserve audio clarity. FireWire's 8.5mm pure silicone double-layer construction resists the effects of high underhood temperatures and insulation breakdown caused by abrasion. Pure silicone boots are rated to 550 degrees (F). It's designed for use on tube-steel header equipped engines. FireWire is available in custom sets for many popular applications, or in "universal" sets with straight, 135° and 90° boots for 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines.

Firewire Features
  • Double-silicone reactive core spark plug wire sets.
  • Up to 50% more spark energy! FireWire's low per-foot resistance transmits up to 50% more energy to the spark plugs than other "performance" suppression core wires.
  • 8.5mm pure silicone double-layer construction! Our 8.5mm "silicone-on-silicone" design resists high underhood temperatures and insulation breakdown caused by abrasion. Designed for use on tube-steel header equipped racing engines!
  • State-of-the-art "reactive core" filters RFI! FireWires actually filter out RFI and EMI noise generated by today's high-output ignition systems, protecting on-board computer systems and instruments!
  • High performance 550 degree boots!
  • Pure Silicone Boots

    Sleeved FireWire
  • Racing-design, braided, fiberglass sleeving offers an extra barrier layer of protection against abrasion and extreme heat up to 1200° F.
  • The ultimate spark plug wire for drag racing, oval track, road racing, marine or serious street performance!
  • Exclusive Reactive-Core design actually filters RFI "noise" from the highest-output electronic ignition systems.
  • Kevlar® reinforced with braided fiberglass mesh for added strength and protection.
  • Pure silicone outer jacket features a double-layer of protection against extreme heat and underhood fluids.
  • Available for small-block and big-block, over and under valve covers. Black only. Pre-terminated custom sets for specific engine applications or universal cut-to-fit sets.

  • 2 Products
    Crane Cams 255-2402 -
    Small Block Chevy 8.5mm FireWire Plug Wires
  • HEI Over The Valve Cover
  • 90° Boot
  • 8 Cylinder
  • 25 ohm
  • Black
  • $59.99
    Crane Cams 255-0083 -
    Universal 8.5mm FireWire Plug Wires
  • 8 Cylinder
  • 135° Boot
  • Black
  • $61.90

    2 Products