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Crane Cams HI-6DSR Dual Stage Rev Limiter CD Ignition

Crane Cams
Crane Cams HI-6DSR Dual Stage Rev Limiter CD Ignition

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The Crane Cams HI-6DSR Multi-Spark CD Ignition control has a Dual stage rev limiter that is adjustable from 600 to 9900 RPM! It also comes with new bigger rotary switches with precise Click-In detents for easy rev limit adjustments. No chips needed. It is adjustable in 100 RPM increments. The HI-6DSR delivers higher spark-gap current than comparable digital CD ignitions and is designed for race and street up to 14.5:1 compression. The HI-6DSR will provide more HP, torque, and crisper throttle response for 4-,
6-, 8-cylinder applications with a distributor. It also comes with an Easy Check System for finding Problems! No guessing! Built-in flashing codes tell what the problem is. Checks coil, ground, power supply, loose or broken wires and the ignition unit itself and it is supplied with a new Plug-n-Go universal harness. The HI-6DSR is Fully potted with soft urethane for heat, dirt and moisture protection. CARB EO #D-225-63.

  • Dual Stage Rev Limiting from 600-9900 RPM
  • Bigger Rotary Switches with Precise "Click-In" Detents for Easy Rev Limit Adjustments - No Chips Needed - Adjusts in 100 RPM Increments
  • HI-6DSR Delivers Higher Spark-Gap Current than Comparable Digital CD Ignitions
  • Multi-Spark CD for Race, Street Up to 14.5:1 Compression Ratio, Nitrous-Oxide, Supercharged and Turbo - More HP, Torque, Crisper Throttle Response - For 4-, 6-, 8-Cylinder with Distributor
  • Sequential Rev Limiting Stops Engine Damaging Propping and Banging at Rev Limit
  • Adapter Harness Included
  • Surface-Mount, Fully Digital Components - The Most Reliable CD Ignition Available
  • Exclusive Cross-Fire Protection for Supercharged or Turbo Applications
  • Fully Potted with New, Soft Urethane for Heat, Dirt and Moisture Protection
  • Points, Mag or Module Triggered

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