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Crane Cams HI-6RC Ignition Kit

Crane Cams
Crane Cams HI-6RC Ignition Kit

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Crane Cams HI-6RC Ignition Control is a fully digital multi-spark CD ignition that is potted with soft urethane to seal it from vibration, moisture, dirt, and oil. It is completely assembled with ground lug and aluminum bracket.

  • Digital CD ignition
  • E-core design coil
  • High output for maximum fire
  • Completely sealed for long life
  • Locking wire clip will not shake off
  • Weatherpak plugs allow easy in and out of car
  • Adjustable rev limiter to 9900 in 100 RPM increments
  • Lightweight aluminum mounting bracket dissipates heat

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    HI-6RC Ignition Kit

    PS92N Performance Ignition Coils

    PS92N Race Performance Ignition Coil
  • Color: Black
  • Primary Resistance: 0.200 ohms
  • Secondary Resistance: 0.82 ohms
  • Turns Ratio: 60:1
  • Inductance: 1.9 mH
  • $67.34

    Ignition System Adapter Harnesses

    Ignition System Adapter Harness
  • Six-Pin Ignition & Coil
  • 48" Long
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    Order Today Ships 10/30/15

    Ignition System Adapter Harness
  • Two-Pin Battery
  • 36" Long
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    4 Products