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Crane Cams Rocker Arm Bridge Shim Kits

Crane Cams
Crane Cams Rocker Arm Bridge Shim Kits

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Crane rocker arm bridge shim kits will correct excessive hydraulic lifter preload on late model American Motors V8s, and Oldsmobile V8s with bridge-mounted rocker arm assemblies. Two different thickness shims are included to decrease lifter preload by approximately .030", .060", or .090", depending on the combination of shims being used between the bridge and the cylinder head. Excessive preload may be caused by a camshaft change, valve job, head resurfacing, etc.

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GM Shim Kits

Crane Cams Bridge Shim Kit
  • AMC/Oldsmobile V8
  • Steel
  • .030"/.060"/.090" Thickness
  • Set of 32
  • $11.60
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    1 Product