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Accel DFI Engine Builder Plug & Play System

Accel DFI Engine Builder Plug & Play System

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ACCEL DFI Engine builder Plug & Play Systems are complete EFI kits designed for the user that wants all the right pieces in one package. Systems include: Thruster EFI engine management system, wide band O2/datalogger, EFI Sensor kit, dual sync distributor, DFI 6A ignition module, DFI E-core high output ignition coil, high performance fuel pump, DFI billet fuel pressure regulator, intake manifold w/rails & fittings, fuel injectors, and DFI throttle body.

  • Great for long block installations.
  • Converts carbureted Engines to Multiport Fuel Injection.
  • Improves Performance, Drive-ability and Fuel Economy.
  • Features Real Time programming for endless tune-ability.
  • All ACCEL DFI brand items; No need for multiple tech calls due to incompatibility of parts.
  • Data-logger can record up to 16 channels, 14 from the ECM, 2 internal.
  • Autp programming nitrous oxide. (Just input pill size, # of pills and average bottle pressure, the ECM will build the fuel table)
  • Systems are totally upgradeable.

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    Thruster EB System
  • BB-Chevy
  • Up to 900HP
  • $5,975.99
    Order Today Ships 12/30/14

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