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Dart LT1/LT4 Pro 1 Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Dart LT1/LT4 Pro 1 Aluminum Cylinder Heads

The Dart LT1/LT4 Pro 1 Aluminum Cylinder Heads have advanced features including five angle intake seats and back cut valves that provide shear points for the fuel to go into suspension as it enters the combustion chamber. The spark plugs are located as close to the top and center of the combustion chambers as possible, shortening the distance that the flame front must travel and producing a more uniform pressure rise in the cylinder. They are offered as either bare castings or fully assembled and accept all early and late model accessory brackets!

  • Premium Aluminum: 355-T61 Alloy
  • Bolt on Compatibility: Off the Shelf Pistons & Valve Train
  • Hardened Exhaust Seats: For Unleaded Gasoline
  • Valve Guides: Manganese Bronze
  • Combustion Chambers: 58cc
  • Spark Plugs Location: Angled
  • Intake Valve: 2.020 or 2.050''
  • Exhaust Valve: 1.600''
  • Sold Individually.

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  • Intake Ports: 215cc
  • Dart 11511123L -
    LT1/LT4 Pro 1
  • Assembled
  • Intake Valve: 2.050''
  • Exhaust Valve: 1.600''
  • Dual Valve Springs: 1.550"(140 lbs @ 1.80", .660" max lift)
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