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Daystar Spring and Shackle Bushings

Daystar Spring and Shackle Bushings

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Daystar Spring and Shackle Bushings are an excellent upgrade over stock rubber bushings. They allow less deflection while cornering and can help restore steering feel when used in the front of a vehicle. These bushings are resistant to vehicle fluids and road grime. They also use a unique Polyurethane blend that ensures long life and consistent performance.


  • Spring And Shackle Bushing
  • Reduces Body Roll And Shift
  • Reduces Stress On Steering Components
  • Improves Handling Characteristics
  • Vehicle Fluid And Road Grime Resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • 3 Products

    Spring Bushing
  • Rear
  • 1957-72 F150/150
  • Black
  • Spring Bushings Only
  • $41.99
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    Spring Bushings
  • Rear
  • 1969-91 GM Superlift/Skyjacker
  • $34.99
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    Leaf Spring Bushings
  • Black
  • Superlift/Skyjacker Spring Bushing Only
  • Incl. 8 Bushings And 4 Sleeves
  • Rear
  • $40.99
    Order Today Ships 11/28/14

    3 Products