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Dedenbear 2-Stage Throttle Stop Controllers

Dedenbear 2-Stage Throttle Stop Controllers

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Designed as an engineered package with Dedenbear throttle stops, the TSC2A can also be used to provide control over a variety of other devices, including automated shifters, timed ignition retard, nitrous systems and lean out solenoids. When being used on a throttle stop, the dual stage control lets you launch wide open throttle (for lowest reaction time), reduce power at mid track (for any duration desired) then resume wide open throttle (for the top end charge). Timer one can be set anywhere from zero to 9.99 seconds (in .01 second increments); timer two goes all the way out to 99.99 seconds. Its switchable 30 amp output handles any throttle stop with ease and allows for either normally open or normally closed output. A built in indicator light shows you that you have triggered the box and the unit resets automatically every timing ensures dead on accuracy and repeatability with any ignition system. 12 and 16 volt compatible.

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2-Stage Controllers

2-Stage Controller
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