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Dedenbear Command Center

Dedenbear Command Center

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The Ultimate Tool For Drag Racing!

Dedenbear has come through on many features with the CC3 Command Center that make the racers life a little easier. Those features include:

  • Starting line control with adjustable release time. This will let you put your foot to the floor when you depress the transbrake button as your linkage stop will hold the engine at your desired staging RPM. The time can be adjusted as to when the engine goes to wide open before transbrake release.
  • "Super Start" control for activating a linkage stop just before staging. This feature from the CC3 lets you pull into the stage beams with your foot to the floor while your engine is at an idle. For Pro-Tree your stop will pull open when you depress the transbrake button and for Full-Tree you can utilize Dedenbear's adjustable release time or simply have it pull wide open at transbrake release.
  • The CC3 throttle stop timers are adjustable to the thousandth of a second for precise consistency.
  • Dedenbear's CC3 has a multiple speed RPM switch for shifting at different points.
  • The RPM switch can be used as a third 4 stage timer. the RPM switch output can be user changed so it will function as a third independent 4 stage timer. This makes it handy for timing shifts, timing retards, nitrous, or any other device when the RPM switch is not used.
  • The CC3 Command Center has the most independent outputs of any delay box on the market. The box has 7 total outputs: Transbrake, Line Lock, Starting Line Control, Two 4 Stage throttle Stop Controllers, RPM Switch, And Remote Display Dial In Board. All of those can be used simultaneously.
  • The Dedenbear CC3 also features Crossover, Interface And Cross talk, Two hits At The Tree, And Skip Up And Skip Down.
  • The CC3 remembers Pro/Full as two groups of settings.
  • The Box has down track transbrake lock and trip protection if you accidently bump the transbrake button during a run.
  • The CC3 has a lighted keypad and display for night use.
  • Measures 9.12 x 3.75 x 2.13.

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