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Derale Auxiliary Trans Filter Kit

Derale Auxiliary Trans Filter Kit

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Derale's Automatic Transmission Filter Kits are engineered to work in conjunction with the OEM transmission filter. The filter system prevents any foreign particles from entering the valve body or other internal components, while maintaining the fluid and removing any varnish, sludge or contaminants.
Available with or with out an electronic temperature gauge and under dash mount is included in the premium kit. The Derale spin-on transmission filter should be changed whenever the fluid is changed or the transmission is serviced.

  • Extends the life of your transmission
  • Filters out contaminants more efficiently than OE screen type filters
  • Universal - fits all automatic transmissions
  • Increases fluid capacity

  • 3 Products

    Transmission Filter Kit

    Standard Automatic Transmission Filter Kit
  • Includes: Remote Filter Mount, Hose, Filter & Mounting Hardware
  • $55.99

    Premium Automatic Transmission Filter Kit
  • Includes: Remote Filter Mount, Premium Gauge Kit, Hose, Filter & Mounting Hardware
  • Electronic Temperature Gauge with Under Dash Mount Kit
  • $104.99

    Replacement Filter

    Replacement Filter
  • For 259-13090 & 259-13091 Transmission Filter Kits
  • $23.99

    3 Products