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Driven Break-In Gear Oil

Driven Racing Oil
Driven Break-In Gear Oil

Driven Break-In Gear Oil is a petroleum based, non-synthetic formula with an extreme pressure additive package to protect the rear-end ring gear, pinions and bearings in race cars, high performance street cars and trucks!
This proprietary formulation allows quick break-in while establishing a protective extreme pressure film on critical wear surfaces and improving the surface finish by polishing the gear teeth, eliminating micro-pitting to increase durability. To obtain the best efficiency and most protection for your rear gear set use this oil during the normal break-in cycle then changing over to one of Driven Synthetic Gear Oils. This product is used by top NASCAR® gear builders and other leading it's available for your next ring and pinion install!

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Joe Gibbs Driven Break-In Gear Oil

Break-In Gear Oil
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