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Driven Spline Grease

Driven Racing Oil
Driven Spline Grease

Protects Cambered Axle Drive Flanges, Sprint Car Drivelines and More!

Driven Spline Grease uses a high viscosity synthetic base to enhance thermal stability and oxidation resistance, a Polyurea thickner that controls oil loss at extreme temperatures and a robust Moly fortified proprietary anti-wear additive package to extend the durability and provide top quality protection of high speed sliding spline teeth! This product has been developed in conjunction with a leading bearing company and has been track tested in World of Outlaws and Nascar® Sprint Cup Racing with results showing increased parts life and service intervals!

  • Designed for high temperature and high load applications
  • Delivers exceptional mechanical stability for improved protection
  • Greater load carrying capacity and a higher dropping point than traditional lithium greases

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    Spline Grease

    Driven Racing Oil 70070 - Driven Spline Grease
    Spline Grease
  • 1/2 Pound Tub
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    1 Product