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Driven Synthetic Air-Cooled Motor Oil

Driven Racing Oil
Driven Synthetic Air-Cooled Motor Oil

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Driven Synthetic Air-Cooled Motor Oil DT50 is specially designed for your air-cooled engine. DT50 features a high zinc content to protect aggressive cam profiles, and the advanced synthetic formula delivers high temperature protection from viscosity breakdown.
Not every high performance engine has a radiator. High Performance air-cooled engines need defense against high temperatures and they require robust anti-wear protection. Driven DT50 delivers enhanced film thickness as well as increased anti-wear additives.


  • High Zinc Content - Higher level of Zinc (ZDP) delivers proper anti-wear protection for high output engines and flat-tappet camshafts.

  • Extra Film Thickness - Advanced synthetic technology for greater film thickness under high temperatures and high loads.

  • Thermal Stability - Defends against oil consumption and viscosity breakdown.

  • Storage Protection - Defends against moisture drawn into the engine by modern bio-blended fuels. Utilizes a tenacious oil film technology developed for the U.S. military.

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    DT50 15W-50 Synthetic Air-Cooled Motor Oil
  • High Zinc Formulation
  • Case of 12 Quarts
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