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Driven Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Driven Racing Oil
Driven Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

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Formulated Specifically For High Output Street Motorcycles

Driven Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is designed to protect air-cooled engines from deposits, burn-off and thermal breakdown associated with the extreme temperatures generated by air-cooled motorcycle engines. It features a high zinc content providing protection for aggressive cam profiles. The proprietary synthetic formula also includes rust inhibitors that defend against ethanol blended fuels and corrosion from moisture during winter storage. Driven Synthetic Motorcycle Oil offers a higher level of protection for your two wheeled investment far beyond conventional oils.

  • ZDDP Anti-Wear Package
  • High Temp High Shear Stability
  • Compatible With Wet Clutches
  • Extended Oil Change Intervals

    HD50 Synthetic Air Cooled Motorcycle 15W50
    - Excellent protection for air cooled motorcycle engines. Ideal for flat tappet and aggressive roller cams, V-Twins and high performance motorcycle engines. Includes rust inhibitors for winter storage and defense against Ethanol-blended fuel. Viscosity typical of 15W-50.

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    HD50 Synthetic SAE 15W-50

    Driven Racing Oil 02706 - Driven Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
    HD50 15W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
  • High Zinc Formulation
  • 1 Quart
  • $11.99
    Driven Racing Oil 02707 - Driven Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
    HD50 15W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
  • High Zinc Formulation
  • Case of 12 Quarts
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    2 Products