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Duplicolor Mirage Color Shifting Paint

Duplicolor Mirage Color Shifting Paint

Duplicolor's Mirage Paints have been formulated to create multi-colored effects from all angles. As the light source and viewing angle changes, the color appears to change. Designed to work as an easy-to-apply, three-step system, the base coat, mid-coat, and top coat work together to create dramatic color effects in a durable, high-gloss finish.

Mirage Color Kits
DupliColor Mirage Color Kits include everything you need to create dazzling color shifting effects. Kit includes 1 can of Black Base Coat, 1 Can of Mid-Coat, and 1 can of Clear Top Coat.

Mirage Black Base Coat
Exclusively formulated to provide an even black lacquer base coat. It gives a smooth finish that's the essential first step to creating the desired color ''shifting'' effect.

Mirage Mid-Coat
This exclusive, high-quality acrylic lacquer changes color depending on light, angle, and surface contour. It can be used on cars, trucks, bikes, helmets, skateboards, and other applications where dramatic color changes are desired.

Mirage Top Clear Coat
Designed to provide protection and shine, this durable high-gloss clear lacquer is the perfect topcoat for Mirage color shifting paint.

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Mirage Kits

Duplicolor MP403 - Duplicolor Mirage Color Shifting Paint
Mirage Kit
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