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Earl's Speed-Flex Hose

Earl's Speed-Flex Hose

The stiff extruded Teflon liner with tightly woven high-tensile stainless steel outer braid solves the brake pedal travel problem by eliminating line swell. This increases the firmness and feel of the brake pedal, which allows you to modulate brakes more efficiently. Compatible with alcohol, gas, hydrocarbon fuels, nitromethane, mineral and synthetic lubricants, and high-density fuel additives.

In the mid-1960's, Earl's pioneered the use of the armored flex hose of extruded teflon to solve the brake line expansion problem associated with the new disc brake systems. The stiffness of the teflon liner combined with the tightly woven high tensile stainless steel outer braid solved the pedal travel problem. By eliminating the line swell it also dramatically increased the firmess and feel of the brake pedal which allowed drivers to modulate the brakes more efficiently. Improved abrasion resistance and increased temperature capacity are secondary advantages.

For use with Steel Speed-Seal Hose Ends or Aluminum Speed-Seal Hose Ends ONLY.

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-2AN Speed-Flex Hose
Earl's 620002 -
Speed-Flex Hose
  • Size: -2AN
  • Length: 20 feet
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