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Eastwood Foldable Welding Table

Eastwood Foldable Welding Table

This travel friendly table by Eastwood features a 14 gauge plated work surface with 1.1 inch wide slots for easy clamp configurations. This table can be fixed in 3 different angle positions and can be set at 28 to 34 inches high. The portable Welding Table comes with 2-5/8 inch magnets that are perfect for holding your welding equipment in position. The built in Mag Spring Clamp features a spring-loaded arm to allow for easy one-handed positioning onto the work pieces. Last but not least you get adjustable magnetic pads that allow for clamping onto plate, tube, angle iron, and more. The best part is, the table has wheels and can fold up entirely to be rolled away for storage.

  • Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Plated Work Surface
  • Slots for Clamping
  • 3 Angle Positions
  • 28 to 34 Inch Height Adjustment
  • Includes Magnetic Welding Jigs
  • Has Wheels & Folds Up for Storage

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    Eastwood 14106 - Eastwood Foldable Welding Table
    Portable Welding Table
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    1 Product