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Eastwood Panel Flange Tool

Eastwood Panel Flange Tool

Eastwood's Panel Flanger Tool allows you to produce a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18 gauge or thinner metal. You Can make professional looking and fitting replacement panels with a neat, precise, offset. The tool works equally well on the edges of fenders or quarter-panels after rusted areas have been cut out. The Panel Flangers 10 inch handle gives you extra leverage for easy to make flanges. Strong cam-action jaws produce an offset lip in sheet steel up to 18 gauge, so replacement panels fit flush to the body. Very little grinding is required after welding, and almost no body filler.

  • Creates Straight or Curved Flanges 5/8 x 5/8 Inches Wide
  • Strong Cam-Action Jaws
  • Fits Into Hard to Reach Areas
  • Works with Sheet Steel Up to 18 Gauge

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    Panel Flanger

    Eastwood 31092 - Eastwood Panel Flange Tool
    Panel Flanger Tool

    Body Panel/Sheet Metal Kit

    Eastwood 31092K - Eastwood Panel Flange Tool
    Body Panel/Sheet Metal Kit
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  • Dimpling Pliers
  • Panel Holding System (clecos)
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    2 Products