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Eastwood Panel Holding System (Clecos)

Eastwood Panel Holding System (Clecos)

These handy blind holders are used by custom car builders to hold sheet metal parts before final welding or riveting. These are very easy to use and will act as your "third hand" to help complete the task. Just drill an 1/8 inch hole through both pieces and insert a fastener. Each one will provide nearly 20 pounds of holding power and has a grip range of up to a 1/4 inch. A couple side-grip fasteners are included for edge work. For panels with flanged edges, use the C-panel holders.

  • Ideal Prep for Fabricating, Riveting & Welding
  • Allows for Proper Alignment & Fit
  • For Sheet Metal or Fiberglass Panels
  • Easy to Use

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    Panel Holding System

    Eastwood 19074 - Eastwood Panel Holding System (Clecos)
    Panel Holding System
  • Compression Pliers
  • 10/pkg Blind Holders
  • 2/pkg Side Grip Holders
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    Body Panel/Sheet Metal Kit

    Eastwood 31092K - Eastwood Panel Holding System (Clecos)
    Body Panel/Sheet Metal Kit
  • Panel Flanger
  • Dimpling Pliers
  • Panel Holding System (clecos)
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    Easy Kits
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    2 Products