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Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel

Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel

With the Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel you can now efficiently stretch, shrink and custom form shapes in up to 16 gauge steel. This tool is perfect for the fabrication of body panels and general metal shaping. With a 20 inch throat and 18 inch internal height, this unit is one of the largest bench top English Wheels on the market. It is equipped with a large 8 inch wheel and 5 inch radius anvil wheel for an unsurpassed forming ability. Its rigid frame is fabricated like large bridge spans and is the most rigid frame in its class. It has a Micro-adjustable anvil adjustment wheel along with X and Y axis adjustments on the large forming wheel. These will allow you the adjustability to set up the wheel to personal preference. Structural frame is fabricated from 2" x 3" x 0.187" wall cold-rolled steel and high-tensile-strength hardware.

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English Wheel & Dolly Kit

Eastwood 14156K - Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel
English Wheel & Dolly Kit
  • Bench Top English Wheel
  • Hammer & Dolly Set
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    English Wheels

    Eastwood 14156 - Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel
    Bench Top English Wheel
  • Custom Form Shapes In Up To 16 Gauge Steel
  • 20" Throat & 18" Internal Height
  • Large 8" Wheel & 5" Radius Anvil Wheel
  • X & Y Axis Adjustment on Forming Wheel
  • Micro-Adjustable Anvil Adjustment Wheel
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    Eastwood 20259 - Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel
  • Professional Quality Metal Protractor
  • More Durable & Accurate Than Plastic
  • Vinyl Case Included
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    Eastwood 20637 - Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel
    English Wheel Forming Band
  • 3" Wide
  • $15.99
    Order Today Ships 05/10/16

    4 Products