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Eastwood Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set

Eastwood Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set

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Shrinker/Stretcher Metal shaping combo reproduces wheel wells, dog legs, trunk corners...almost any metal fabrication requiring a combination curve and angle. Use the shrinker to contract metal for inside curves: use the stretcher to expand metal for outside curves. Ideal for making perfect-fit rust repair metal work around wheel openings, door jams, windshields and trunk gutters

The hand operated shrinker/stretcher press multiplies your pressure by a factor of 45, creating leverage to work up to 18 gauge mild steel, 20 gauge stainless, and 16 gauge aluminum. Clamps in your vice or mounts on your bench or pedestal stand. Comes assembled and pre-drilled for bench mounting.

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Shrinker/Stretcher Combo Set
  • Includes: 2 Bodies, 2 Jaws & 2 Handles
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