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Edelbrock QwikData Acquisition System

Edelbrock QwikData Acquisition System

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Adjustable High Speed Data Logging
With the capability of sampling data at extremely high rates, QwikData™ out-performs the competition. Data sample rates are adjustable, up to 500 samples per second. You can also configure QwikData™ to average incoming data over multiple samples to smooth noisy data samples. Selection of an appropriate sample rate lets you tailor QwikData™ to your racing application. Non-adjustable units may have a sample rate that is too fast, collecting more data than needed and reducing available data logging time. If the sample rate is too slow, logged data will be inaccurate. QwikData™ has these features...
Large Data Storage Capacity QwikData™ provides 1 megabyte of non-volatile memory, much more than most other systems, and requires no power to retain data.
Up To 30 Data Input Channels The basic unit comes equipped with 8 analog inputs and 6 digital inputs. The advanced unit has 24 analog input channels and 6 digital inputs. (The basic unit is factory upgradable to 24 analog input channels.) The digital inputs can record on/off events, frequency (such as mph, rpm, and digital mass air flow sensor), or duty cycle (such as fuel injectors and turbo boost controller).
Windows® Interface The computer software provided is simple and intuitive to use. An IBM-based 486 laptop computer capable of running Windows® 3.1 is required for data analysis. The entire system can be configured from menus using a mouse. No complicated programming is required.
Programmable Outputs The two outputs provided with QwikData™ can be programmed to operate shift lights, warning lights, etc. These outputs are configured via pull-down menus and can be activated based on any one or two of the input channels. For example Output 1 can be configured to either shut down the engine or trigger a warning light when oil pressure drops below 20 psi or water temperature goes above 250°F.
Sophisticated Data Analysis Historical trend graphs of any 8 user selectable input channels against time or distance.
Real Time Display Use for monitoring engine warm-up, dyno sessions, troubleshooting, or real time telemetry via radio modem.
Multiple Lap/Run Comparison Up to 64 runs or laps can be overlayed for comparison, depending on the sample rate.
Internet Upgrades The software embedded in the QwikData™ unit is stored in a chip (FLASH EPROM) and can be updated easily from this Edelbrock web site.
Fully Assembled Wiring Harness A fully assembled wiring harness with pre-installed connectors is provided. Each sensor is supplied with the appropriate mating connector for quick and easy installation.

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