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Eibach Drag-Launch Springs

Eibach Drag-Launch Springs

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Success in drag racing requires hard, consistent launches at the starting line. Proper management of weight transfer is vital for success in the quarter-mile.

Eibach has the answer. Their Drag-Launch kits are engineered to do one thing: provide maximum traction to the drive wheels-front or rear-import or domestic.

Made of the same high quality materials as the Pro-Kit and Motorsport springs, Eibach's Drag-Launch kits are precision engineered to improve weight transfer and control axle torque. The result-lower 1/4-mile ET's.

  • Lowers 1/4-mile ET's
  • Maximum Traction
  • Consistent Launches
  • Two Year Warranty

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    Eibach 9310.140 - Eibach Drag-Launch Springs
    Drag-Launch Springs
  • 1979-86 Capri V8
  • 1979-2004 Mustang V8 except IRS and convertible
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