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Energy Suspension Sway Bar End Links

Energy Suspension
Energy Suspension Sway Bar End Links

Energy Suspension Sway Bar End Links are a very critical part of your suspension system so strength and precision are mandatory if you want to control body roll and cornering stability. Factory end links are designed with rubber bushings to reduce vibration but they fail to reliably control body roll. By using polyurethane Energy Suspension end links reduce the deflection you get from factory rubber bushings but dampen felt vibration better than solid bushings making Energy Suspensions sway bar end links the perfect choice for street or track use. Each set includes: 3/8" bolts, zinc-plated sleeves & washers, polyurethane grommets, and nylon insert nuts.

  • Measure the length of the OE spacer sleeve to determine your required size.
  • Part numbers ending in G are black. Part numbers ending in R are red.

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