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Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant

Engine Ice
Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant

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Engineered to reduce operating temperatures in high performance engines and cooling systems. Engine Ice is 100% bio-degradable, phosphate free, and non-toxic.

Pre-mixed with de-ionized water, Engine Ice is engineered to protect your cooling system from scarring and scaling. The other active ingredients in Engine Ice, Propylene Glycol, works as a lubricant to preserve seal life and cause less drag throughout the entire cooling system.

It will perform in both extreme heat of up to 256F as well as the frigid cold of -26F. It's not just a coolant, it's also an anti-freeze!

Proven to eliminate water pump gasket and seal failures, it has also been proven in high load, high stress conditions to run as much as 50F cooler than standard coolants. Individual results will vary. On average, most realize a temperature reduction of approximately 15-20F.

Note: Engine Ice comes pre-mixed with de-ionized water and is ready to use, it is not compatible with other cooling products or water and should not be mixed.

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Engine Ice Coolant
  • 1/2 Gallon
  • Pre-mixed
  • Ready to use
  • $23.99

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