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Innova CAN/OBD Code Readers

Innova CAN/OBD Code Readers

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Innova Diagnostic Tools (CAN = Controller Area Network, OBD = Onboard Diagnostics)
One of the most exciting improvements in the automotive industry was onboard diagnostics (OBD) or, simply, the computer that activates a vehicle's "CHECK ENGINE" light. OBD-I monitored manufacturer systems on vehicles built from 1981 to 1995. Then came OBD-II, which is on all 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the United States. Like its predecessor, OBD-II was adopted as part of a government mandate to reduce vehicle emissions. But what makes OBD-II unique is its universality for all late model cars and trucks, domestic and import. This sophisticated program in the main computer detects vehicle system failure and can be accessed through the OBD-II port (usually under the dash). When a problem is found, OBD engages the "CHECK ENGINE" light and saves a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) to locate the problem. A code reader is a diagnostic tool required to retrieve these codes, thus providing a starting point for repairs.

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CAN/OBD-I/OBD-II Diagnostic Tools
INNOVA 3140 - Innova CAN/OBD Code Readers
CAN/OBD-I/OBD-II Scan Tool Kit
  • For 1982-Up Vehicles
  • Displays 25 parameters at once without need to scroll
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