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Flowmaster Delta Force Race Mufflers

Flowmaster Delta Force Race Mufflers

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Delta Force Race Muffler Specifications Noted with Parts Below
  • Inlet/Outlet Type/Size
  • Case Dimensions for Racing Applications
  • Aluminized or Stainless Steel Construction

    10 Series
    Compact, lightweight design with noticeable sound reduction compared to open headers

    30 Series
    Quietest, most powerful professional race muffler Flowmaster makes

    40 Series
    Maximum performance with a substantial decibel reduction compared to open headers

    50 Series (389-8325508 Only)
    Developed for spec classes and sportsman vehicles requiring maximum decibel attenuation

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    Offset In/Offset Out (Same Side)

    40 Series Delta Force Race Muffler
  • Same Side Offset In/Out: 3.5"
  • Case: 13" L x 9.75" W (4" Thick)
  • Stainless Steel
    More info on Flowmaster 8435449
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