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Ford Racing Bearing Retainers

Ford Racing
Ford Racing Bearing Retainers

Upgraded Mustang Throw Out Bearing Retainer

Ford Racing Bearing Retainers are designed to replace the original all aluminum retainers used on the factory T-5 transmissions. The Ford Racing retainer uses a steel sleeve instead of the factory aluminum part. The steel throw-out bearing on the aluminum sleeve would cause galling of the bearing on the sleeve. The galling would cause premature clutch, transmission and bearing wear along with causing a transmission to be difficult to shift. If the transmission is out or has to come out 4 bolts is all you need to work with to improve the drivability and life expectancy of your clutch and transmission.

  • Eliminates Galling of Throw-Out Bearing
  • Decreases Throw-Out Bearing, Transmission and Clutch Wear
  • Improves Shifting

  • 2 Products

    Bearing Retainer
  • 1983-93 V8
  • T-5 Transmissions
  • $58.99
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    Bearing Retainer
  • 1994-95 V8
  • T-5 Transmissions
  • $43.99

    2 Products