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Ford Performance Driveshaft Yokes

Ford Performance
Ford Performance Driveshaft Yokes

1330 Driveshaft Yoke

Ford Racing Transmission Yokes are a heavy duty 1330 style yoke that fits your Ford or aftermarket Ford style transmission. They are the perfect replacement for your worn out factory yoke, Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft yoke or they can be used to build a custom driveshaft for transmission and/or engine swap applications. The Yokes attach to the drive
shaft using a 1330 style 3.5" wide with a cap diameter of 1.062"

  • Fits Ford or Ford Style Transmissions
  • Factory Replacement for Many Applications
  • Uses 1330 Style U-Joint

  • 2 Products

    Driveshaft Yokes

    Ford Performance M-4841-A - Ford Performance Driveshaft Yokes
    Driveshaft Yoke
  • Fits 31-spline output shafts
  • Uses 1330 U-Joints
  • M-7003-R58C
  • M-7003-R58W
  • M-7003-R58H
  • M-7003-F
  • M-7003-G
  • M-7003-H
  • T-45
  • C-6
  • 3650
  • $74.85
    Ford Performance M-4841-B - Ford Performance Driveshaft Yokes
    Driveshaft Yoke
  • Fits 28-spline output shafts
  • Uses 1330 U-joints
  • C-4
  • AOD
  • T-5
  • $57.72

    2 Products