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Ford Performance Driveshafts

Ford Performance
Ford Performance Driveshafts

Mustang Aluminum Driveshaft

Aluminum drive shafts offer lower rotating mass for more power transferred quicker to the rear wheels. Most people understand that lowering rotating weight on driveline components is a fast way to improve acceleration and decrease horsepower losses. Ford Racing driveshafts are noted not only for their light weight but also their superior strength and reliability over comparable driveshafts, but at a more reasonable price.

The Ford Racing driveshafts are a complete drop in unit and include 1330 Series U-Joints for superior strength over factory components. If you're looking for a reliable aluminum driveshaft for your Mustang, consider a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft.

  • Increases Horsepower By Reducing Drive Train Weight
  • Direct Factory Replacement Driveshaft
  • Heavy Duty 1330 U-Joints Included

  • 1 Product
    Driveshaft Yokes
    Ford Performance M-4841-A -
    Driveshaft Yoke
  • Fits 31-spline output shafts
  • Uses 1330 U-Joints
  • M-7003-R58C
  • M-7003-R58W
  • M-7003-R58H
  • M-7003-F
  • M-7003-G
  • M-7003-H
  • T-45
  • C-6
  • 3650
  • $74.99

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