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Ford Racing Mustang Supercharger Kits

Ford Racing
Ford Racing Mustang Supercharger Kits

Mustang Supercharger Performance Upgrade Kits

Nothing increases power on your street Mustang like a supercharger! Ford Racing Kits have thousands of hours on the engine dyno in climate-controlled temperature and altitude testing, as well as on-road validation and durability. Ford Racing Superchargers are street-legal and emissions certified: The most proven, engineered, and reliable units... period.

The result is the most reliable horsepower and torque under the curve with factory-like drivability!

  • Superchargers are built to order so please allow up to 30 business days for assembly
  • All spark plugs must be gapped from .032" to .035"
  • 2005-08 engines with early style 16mm "High Thread" design spark plugs can be identified by coil engineering number 3L3E
  • 2008 engines with late style 12mm spark plugs can be identified by coil engineering number 8L3E
  • All 2009 engines use 12mm spark plugs
  • Unlike many competitors, Ford Racing calibrations are 50-state emissions legal
  • Powertrain calibrations are developed and supported for U.S. and Canadian vehicles only
  • Due to multiple powertrain calibrations, online registration is required to receive ProCal calibration tool after purchase

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