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Ford Performance Pinion Flanges

Ford Performance
Ford Performance Pinion Flanges

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8.8" Pinion Flange

Ford Racing Pinion Flanges are a quick and easy upgrade for your 8.8" rear end. The factory units can fail as the power levels increase. This can make for a very bad day as your drive shaft flys around under your car looking for a place to be it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your car and that's if it doesn't get to your fuel lines. Get peace of mind and replace your Pinion Flange.

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Ford Performance M-4851-B - Ford Performance Pinion Flanges
Ford Racing Pinion Flange
  • Designed for use with 1350 U-joint flange
  • Fits all 8.8" rear drive pinions
  • 4.25" bolt circle
  • Original equipment on 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra
  • $67.99

    1 Product