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Ford Performance Spark Plug Wires

Ford Performance
Ford Performance Spark Plug Wires

Spark Plug Wire Set

Ford Racing 9mm wire-wound high performance ignition wire sets feature a low resistance core combined with an incredibly effective shielding for minimum spark loss and long lasting performance. Silicone insulation and boots withstand high temperatures and voltage loss for minimum cross-fire and are highly resistant to fuels, oils and solvents. Long-life, tough stainless steel terminals for "post" type distributor caps. Includes coil wire for socket-type coil and "Ford Racing" identification. Cylinder number appears on each wire.

Universal 9mm Ignition Wire Sets
Feature the same benefits of the Custom spark plug wires but can be cut to the length you need and crimp the ends in place. Includes terminals for post and socket type coils, plus easy to follow instructions.

  • Wire sets M-12259-C301/R301/M301/Y301/C302/M302 do not fit distributorless ignition system (DIS) 5.0L/302 Explorer engines.
  • The universal wire sets do not fit distributorless ignition system (DIS).

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    Small Block
    Ford Performance M-12259-Y301 - Ford Performance Spark Plug Wires
    Spark Plug Wire Set
  • Fits 5.0/5.8L V8 Engines
  • 9mm
  • 45° Boot
  • Yellow
  • $46.99

    1 Product