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Gibson Split Rear Aluminized Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Gibson Split Rear Aluminized Steel Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

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Improve exhaust flow & create more power where you need it!
Gibson Cat-Back Exhaust Systems deliver more power from 2000 to 4000 RPM than other exhaust systems. Other systems claim more power but in the 5000 to 6000 RPM range never used by street vehicles. Turbulence exists at every point an exhaust gas "pulse" enters or exits an exhaust component. Gibson reduces turbulence to the absolute minimum in two ways: their patented Superflow design moves exhaust gas out and their slip-fit joining of each pipe into the larger opening of the next pipe. Slip-fit is superior to ball/socket or flange/gasket joining because substantial power-robbing turbulence can be created in such joints (a misaligned socket or gasket can actually make more backpressure than stock systems).

  • Made With Mandrel-Bent Tubing For The Lowest Restriction & Consistent Flow
  • Gibson Builds Their Systems To Flow As Efficiently As Possible, Not As Much As Possible
  • Typical Gains Average 15-20 Horsepower
  • Superflow Mufflers Have A Baffled, Chambered Dynamic Structure For Improved Flow Compared To Packed Or Screened Mufflers
  • Split Rear Systems Are About 5-8 Decibels Louder Than Stock
  • Works With Most Bumpers, Roll Pans & Trailer Hitches
  • Not Recommended For Towing Do To Carbon Monoxide May Be Drawn Into The Vehicle
  • Spare Tire May Need To Be Relocated Or Removed On Some Vehicles
  • Made In The USA!

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    Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust
  • 07-14 Ford Edge/ Lincoln MKx
  • 3.5L
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    Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust
  • 07-09 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500
  • Regular Cab, Standard Bed
  • 4.8L-5.3L
  • 2/4wd
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    2 Products