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Global West GM Negative Roll Control Arms

Global West
Global West GM Negative Roll Control Arms

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These arms are designed to change factory suspension pickup points to induce negative camber as the wheel goes up into the fender. The extra negative camber generated by the arms will keep a greater portion of the tire on the ground, which increases the vehicle's cornering ability.


  • Better geometry curve
  • Built-in bump stops
  • Load carrier ball joints
  • Special billet offset shafts

    Installation Notes

  • When using the arms on GM A-bodies, GM tall spindles, machined lower ball joints, and different outer tie rods are required. For 1964-70 A-bodies, use outer tie rod part #459-3007; for 1971-72
    A-bodies, use #459-3008.
  • Negative roll systems will drop the front ride height 1 inch because of the taller spindle and lower ball joint combination. The maximum backspacing on 1964-72 A-bodies is 5-7/8" with a 17" wheel,
    5" with a 16" wheel, and 4-1/2" with a 15" wheel.
  • When using the arms on GM G-bodies, GM tall spindles are required. Spindle tapers for this conversion are the same as the standard, shorter spindle.
  • Factory upper control arms cannot be used with negative roll systems because they are too long, and they won't allow for proper alignment.
  • Factory lower control arms can be used in negative roll systems, but they will require machined lower ball joints (part #459-2005).

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