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Goodyear Eagle Drag Slicks

Goodyear Eagle Drag Slicks

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Smart drag racers know it takes more than skill to win races... it takes tough drag racing tires. That's why, year after year, Goodyear is the first name on the finish line so fly with the Eagles!

Proper Tire Rollout Measurement Instructions

Goodyear Eagle Drag Slick Widths
Goodyear 9" wide drag tires
Goodyear 10" wide drag tiresGoodyear 10.5" wide drag tires
Goodyear 11" wide drag tiresGoodyear 11.5" wide drag tires
Goodyear 12" wide drag tiresGoodyear 12.5" wide drag tires
Goodyear 13" wide drag tires
Goodyear 14" wide drag tiresGoodyear 14.5" wide drag tires
Goodyear 15" wide drag tires
Goodyear 16" wide drag tires
Goodyear 17" wide drag tiresGoodyear 17.5" wide drag tires

Goodyear Compound Ratings
Soft MediumHard
D-2 D-2A D-2E D-2F D-11 D-1A D-1 D-9 D-4B D-4A D-4 D-6 D-5 D-7 D-3
D-2For Pro Mod. Slightly more starting line hook than D-2A.
D-2AFor Pro Mod, TA/D, TA/FC, Pro Stock and other high-horsepower applications.
D-2EFor TF/FC and other high-horsepower applications.
D-2FFor TA/D, TA/FC and other high-horsepower applications.
D-11For TA/D.
D-1AFor Stock Eliminator. Offers superior longevity while maintaining or improving grip levels of D4B.
D-1For use on dragsters and other lightweight cars.
D-9For use on motorcycles.
D-4BFor Stock Eliminator. Slightly more traction than D-4A.
D-4AGood for hot and/or slick track conditions.
D-4Excellent wear/longevity for heavy car applications. (3000+ lbs)
D-6Works well on dragsters and 1500-2500lb cars.
D-5Works well on 2000-3200lb cars.
D-7Limited application compound. Can help eliminate shake.
D-3For heavier manual and automatic cars. (3000+ lbs)

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