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Granatelli GM TPI Adjustable Mass Airflow Sensor

Granatelli GM TPI Adjustable Mass Airflow Sensor

No Other MAF Sensor Gives You This Much Control. If you have a highly-modified 1985-1989 TPI Corvette, Camaro, or Firebird, this is the sensor for you. It's the only mass airflow sensor with fully adjustable calibration (via built-in screw) so high lift cams, big valves, nitrous, etc. are no longer performance tuning problems. The sensor provides up to 30% more airflow than OE, and you don't have to tear out the screen.

  • Adds 30% more airflow over stock, more power than home porting & removing stock screens
  • Improves performance from 2,000 rpm to red line
  • Fully adjustable calibration for high lift cams, big valves, larger intakes, superchargers, nitrous, rich/lean conditions, etc. (chassis dyno and air/fuel ratio monitor recommended)
  • Compatible with most electronics and aftermarket bolt-on performance equipment
  • Installs in 10-15 minutes using basic hand tools

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    Adjustable Mass Airflow Sensor
  • GM 5.0/5.7L TPI 1985-89
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