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Granatelli Big-G Diesel Power Modules

Granatelli Big-G Diesel Power Modules

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Big-G Modules

Features and Benefits

  • Plug and Play Design
  • Adds over 120-HP & 240 FT/LBS torque in minutes
  • Four position switch allows for fast multiple tune adjustments and easy switching between maximum performance and tow mode
  • Re-maps diesel injection pump fuel delivery and modifies the injection-timing curve
  • Improves reliability through improved injection efficiency yet adds no additional strain on diesel injection pump
  • Significantly improves drivability, throttle response and towing performance
  • Coolest exhaust temps in its class
  • Highest horsepower with lowest EGTs without exhaust upgrades
  • Easy to install or remove with no wire cutting, soldering or fuel pump interfacing
  • Installs easily in minutes with no computer skill required
  • Won't void powertrain warranty

    Heavy Duty Tow Mode:
    +60 RWHP
    +120 Ft. Lbs. Torque

    Tow Mode:
    +75 RWHP
    +150 Ft. Lbs. Torque

    Performance Mode:
    +100 RWHP
    +200 Ft. Lbs. Torque

    Race Mode:
    +140 RWHP
    +250 Ft. Lbs. Torque

    Big-G Module In-Cab Monitors
    The Big-G In-Cab Monitor was uniquely designed to work with all diesel plug and play modules as well as most flash tools and hand held programmers. Big-G is the only unit that can communicate with any manufactures tuning components making it a great addition to any diesel vehicle. The Big-G Monitor gives the driver the ability to ''switch tunes on the fly''. Big-G can display up to five different functions at one time or can be reduced down to one function to make the display larger. Navigation through the system is handled by three face mount gel buttons. Big-G offers the largest screen on the market today, yet compact enough to fit into any pillar mount based gauge pod. Furthermore, Big-G is the only In-Cab monitor that will de-fuel based on driver defined EGT presets. This guarantees the ultimate in engine safety for all applications.

    Big-G Monitor Displays:

  • power output settings as a percentage
  • turbo boost pressure
  • exhaust temperature before turbo
  • exhaust temperature after turbo (optional)
  • DTC codes

    Big-G Monitor Features:

  • 250 samples per second
  • sky-blue backlit display
  • switch tunes on the fly
  • no need for other in-cab gauges

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