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Hedman Hedders Turbo Mufflers

Hedman Hedders Turbo Mufflers

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Hedman Mufflers are top of the line, high quality turbo-style mufflers that can be used as OEM replacements, as well as, for custom exhaust systems.
These mufflers are specially designed to reduce and control noise without excessively restricting power. Following the Hedman tradition, all Hedman Turbo Mufflers are made from the finest quality materials.

  • Galvanized double wrapped casing for corrosion protection.
  • Spot welded, louvered baffles to eliminate vibration.
  • Spun end caps for gas tight seal.
  • Reverse flow so muffler can be inverted.

    Turbo Header Mufflers
    Like regular Hedman TURBO Mufflers, The Turbo Header Mufflers are high quality turbo-style mufflers. They come from the factory with a 12" head pipe welded on, and an integrated collector.

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    Hedman 25560 - Hedman Hedders Turbo Mufflers
    Turbo Muffler
  • inlet: 2"
  • outlet: 2"
  • Case Length: 14"
  • $69.99

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