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Holley 4150 Ultra HP Series Carburetors

Holley 4150 Ultra HP Series Carburetors

Trust Holley Hardcore Carburetors for Serious Performance

Based on the 4150 HP carb and available in 650 & 750 cfm,
the Ultra line has billet metering blocks and baseplate. Changeable emulsion jets, idle feed restrictors & power valve restrictors enable infinite tuning of nearly any engine.

  • Calibrated for gasoline
  • Nonstick gaskets
  • High-strength sealing surfaces
  • Built-in oversized glass sight windows
  • Center-hung dual inlet floats
  • Notched floats and jet extensions for continuous fuel delivery
  • Power valve blowout protection
  • Four corner idle system
  • Buttonhead throttle plate screws for less air restriction
  • Stainless steel throttle plates for corrosion protection
  • Contoured Venturi inlet provides more balanced airflow, which increases power
  • Spun-in boosters won't fall into engine
  • Progressive mechanical secondaries
  • Primary and secondary accelerator pumps are both 30cc
  • 100% wet-flow tested and calibrated
  • Screw-in air bleeds
  • Billet metering blocks and billet baseplate
  • Changeable emulsion jets, idle feed restrictors, and power valve restrictors
  • Dichromate finish

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    4150 Ultra HP

    Holley 0-80675-R - Holley 4150 Ultra HP Series Carburetors
    *REMAN - 4150 Ultra HP Carburetor
  • 750cfm
  • Down leg boosters
  • Remanufactured
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