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Holley Avenger EFI Throttle Body Fuel Injection Systems

Holley Avenger EFI Throttle Body Fuel Injection Systems

From the company that brought you the "Bolt on and Go" Street Avenger carb comes the latest technology in "Bolt on and Go" fuel injection... Avenger EFI! The Avenger EFI is intended for users who want a "Bolt on and Go" EFI system without the need for a laptop computer! Avenger EFI systems are perfect for performance street engines, most crate engines and mild street / strip applications. Simply bolt on an Avenger™ system, answer a few easy questions and let it do the tuning for you! The secret is in the innovative Avenger™ EFI handheld tuner and the breakthrough technology of Holley's Self-tuning fueling strategies. The compact, easy to use hand-held tuner guides you thru the simple setup wizard where you answer a few key questions about your setup. Once that basic information is loaded, you fire the car, run it thru various RPM stages and drive it to tuning perfection! The self learning strategy will automatically tune your engine as you drive to deliver the optimum air-fuel ratios for performance and mileage.

Avenger EFI Features:
  • Self-tuning fueling strategy tunes while you drive - Designed for the user that wants ease of use without having to be a "tuning expert"
  • Requires no laptop computer to set up or tune - Included full color LED hand-held tuner offers simple setup and easy tuning of basic parameters such as engine idle speed. Still allows for users to change other parameters to further fine tune base calibrations
  • Each kit comes complete with all hardware to retrofit EFI on a non-EFI vehicles including fuel pump
  • Dedicated fuel and oil pressure inputs
  • Allows for computer controlled ignition timing if desired
  • System can be upgraded in the future to a Holley "HP EFI System" if desired

    Three versions of 4 bbl TBI kits available:
  • 700 CFM with 65 lb/hr injectors - up to 400 HP
  • 900 CFM with 75 lb/hr injectors - up to 525 HP
  • 900 CFM with 85 lb/hr injectors - up to 600 HP

    Avenger EFI TBI Systems
    Replace your carburetor with a "Bolt on and Go" TBI system! Avenger EFI throttle body kits are a direct replacement for a carburetor. Plug and play connectors make installation a snap and the Avenger's Self-tuning capabilities will have you up and running in no time. Each kit comes with all the necessary parts for a complete installation. All set up is done on the included hand-held tuner so no laptop computer is required! NOTE: Avenger EFI Systems come with all installation components including wiring harness, sensors and in-line fuel pump. Does not include HEI distributor ignition adapter harness p/n 510-558-304 which is required for computer controlled timing. Return fuel line to tank not included.

    Note: Fits all standard square flange intake manifolds
    Installation Instructions:
  • Instructions For Avenger Throttle Body EFI Systems
  • Instructions For Handheld Device

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    Avenger Throttle Body EFI Systems

    Holley 550-200 - Holley Avenger EFI Throttle Body Fuel Injection Systems
    Avenger TBI System
  • 2-Barrel
  • 670CFM
  • V8 Up to 275HP
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    Avenger ECU Only

    Holley 554-116 - Holley Avenger EFI Throttle Body Fuel Injection Systems
    Avenger EFI ECU ONLY
  • Self-tuning fueling strategy tunes while you drive
  • Requires no laptop computer to set up or tune
  • Service replacement part for Holley Avenger EFI systems, includes ECU & handheld tuner only
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    2 Products