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Holley Supercharger Carburetors

Holley Supercharger Carburetors

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Holley has come out with a line of carbs that are set-up for those engines on the big iron lung. These carbs are pre-calibrated for blower applications and feature a manifold-referenced power valve. The power valve provides further enrichment to the main metering system when the engine is under a load (low vacuum).

Note: A vacuum hose must be connected from the power valve to a vacuum source on the lower manifold. Failure to connect this port to a manifold vacuum will allow the power valve to remain open at idle, causing an excessively rich fuel mixture.

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Supercharger Carburetors
Holley 0-80572S - Holley Supercharger Carburetors
700cfm Supercharger Carburetor
  • Model 4150
  • Dual 50cc Accelerator Pumps
  • Shiny Zinc Finish
  • FREE

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