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Impact Racing Necksgen Rev Head and Neck Restraint

Impact Racing
Impact Racing Necksgen Rev Head and Neck Restraint

Impact Racing brought a Revolution to the Head and Neck Restraint Industry with one of the smallest and safest devices to become available.

The Rev Tension Neutralizing Single Tether Design offers the next generation of head and neck restraint devices with an emphasis on safety and simplicity. Through developmental testing it was determined the Rev's Single Tether design didn't require the large yoke and so it was removed. This developmental advancement allows for a larger range of motion for the driver and makes getting in and out of the vehicle much easier. This also allows you to use the one device in multiple seat styles and angles without any conflicts or issues.

The Rev evolution in design continues by having impact loads transmitted through the drivers Trapezius muscle rather than through the chest and collarbones. The collarbones only require only 7 to 10lbs of force to break while the Trapezius muscles allow the load of an impact to be diffused without damaging the chest or collarbones. You won't need an assortment of chest pads to protect your chest when using the Rev.

  • Small Lightweight Design
  • No Yoke Single Tether
  • Reduces Load on Collarbones and Chest

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    Rev Head and Neck Restraint
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