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Innovate Motorsports DL-32 Data Acquisition System

Innovate Motorsports
Innovate Motorsports DL-32 Data Acquisition System

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The DL-32 is a complete vehicle-mounted data-logging system for advanced engine tuning. The system is anchored by Innovate's award-winning digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology, but also includes flexible sensors for ROM, MAP, temperature, duty cycle, and analog inputs.

  • 32 channels of data recording
  • 17 Minutes of recording per MB of SD card capacity
  • Horsepower and Torque calculation
  • 1-bar to 3-bar pressure sensor (MAP, Vacuum, Boost, etc.)
  • Thermocouple amplifier (EGT, CHT)
  • Duty cycle (dwell) or frequency
  • 2-axis accelerometer (acceleration Gs, braking Gs, and cornering Gs)
  • Ignition timing sensor
  • RPM input
  • 5V power supply for external sensors
  • 3 solenoid/relay outputs
  • Expansion ports for future upgradeability
  • MTS compliant
  • Includes 128MB SD Card

    The DL-32 is also a key component of Innovate Motorsports' Modular Tuning System (MTS). Using the LC-1's serial ports you can daisy-chain other Innovate devices such as the XD-16, AuxBox (LMA-3), LC-1, TC-4, and SSI-4.

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