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Innovate Motorsports LC-1/XD-16 Plus Kits

Innovate Motorsports
Innovate Motorsports LC-1/XD-16 Plus Kits

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The LC-1 Plus kit includes an LC-1 wideband controller with O2 sensor, plus an SSI-4 multi-sensor interface. Used in conjunction with LogWorks, running on a laptop or PC, this setup allows you to record and analyze 5 channels of data. These channels are Air/Fuel Ratio, and any four of the following: RPM, Injector Pulse Width, Throttle Position, Driveshaft/Wheel Speed, or Boost/Vacuum. All channels can be configured for external 0-5 volt or frequency.

The XD-16 Plus Kit includes the same components as an LC-1 Plus Kit, plus an XD-16 gauge. The XD-16 features programmable LED colors and a remote control button to start and stop log sessions, initiate calibrations, or view min/max values.

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LC-1 Plus Kit
Kit Includes:
  • (1)LC-1 Wideband Controller with O2 Sensor
  • SSI-4 Multi-Sensor Interface
  • $299.99
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