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JEGS Aluminum Vise Jaws

JEGS Performance Products
JEGS Aluminum Vise Jaws

We spend the extra money on anodized fittings and braided hose not only for their functionality, but also because they are a great finishing touch to our motors and hot rods. Protect the finish of your -03AN to -20AN fittings during assembly with JEGS Aluminum Vise Jaws. Notched specifically to securely hold your fittings and/or hose for easy and damage free assembly. JEGS Vise Jaws can also be used for securing hose or aluminum tubing for cutting. JEGS Vise Jaws are held in place with magnets for easy installation and removal.

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JEGS Performance Products 80547 - JEGS Aluminum Vise Jaws
Aluminum Vise Jaws
  • 4" Wide
  • Fits -03AN to -20AN
  • $18.01

    1 Product