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JEGS Back-Tap Spark Plug Thread Repair

JEGS Performance Products
JEGS Back-Tap Spark Plug Thread Repair

%#%&#!!! Now you've done it. You've cross threaded your spark plug hole. Now what? Do you really want to spend your time pulling the head or risk installing a HeliCoil or some other threaded insert?

If only you could access the good, clean threads on the bottom of the hole without having to pull the cylinder head......

Well now you can! The JEGS Back-Tap's collapsible design allows it to engage the good threads by sliding down past the spark plug hole threads into the chamber. A mandrel is then drawn back, expanding the tool's threaded area and allowing you to get a good start on clean threads. The damaged threads will be gently straightened out and all debris and filings will stick to the JEGS Back-Tap, coming up and out instead of falling into the chamber. Why spend hours pulling the cylinder head when you can use the JEGS Back-Tap and be done in minutes?

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JEGS Performance Products 80595 - JEGS Back-Tap Spark Plug Thread Repair
14mm Back-Tap
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