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JEGS CAGS Eradicator

JEGS Performance Products
JEGS CAGS Eradicator

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Eliminate that irritating 1-4 shift in late model Corvettes and F-Bodies

In stock 1992-97 Corvettes and 1992-2002 F-bodies, the vehicle's computer forces you to shift from first to fourth gear under light throttle situations. Compatible with OBD-II computers, the JEGS Computer Aided Gear Selector eliminates this pesky factory setting, enabling you to have complete first through sixth gear changes at any speed, RPM, or throttle position.

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JEGS Performance Products 10500 - JEGS CAGS Eradicator
JEGS CAGS Eradicator
  • 1992-97 Corvette with BW T56
  • 1992-2002 F-body
  • Made in the USA
  • $29.96
    Order Today Ships 05/31/16

    1 Product