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JEGS Heat Shield Panel

JEGS Performance Products
JEGS Heat Shield Panel

JEGS Heat Shield Panels are of the highest quality available. Ideal for floor boards (muffler/catalytic converter shield), fire walls, air boxes etc. Withstands 1100°F radiant heat and 500°F of direct contact. Designed with a 1/4" thick ceramic inner pad sandwiched between a layer of heavy duty foil which is then bound together with stainless mesh. By sewing the edges as opposed to folding them, we have created a flexible (formable) yet rugged product. Reflects up to 90% of radiant heat away. Available in two sizes. Requires rivets or stainless cable ties for retention (sold separately). Made in the USA.

This product is conductive, be sure to insulate all electrical terminals in contact with this product. Not designed to be placed in direct contact with the exhaust system.

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Heat Shield Panel
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    Heat Shield Panel
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